Molino Gluten Free Flour - 4 Pack


Size: 4 Pack
4 Pack
8 Pack

Size: 1.1 lb bag

Brand: Molino

SKU: molinoflour-4

Kosher: Badatz Yerushalayim

Ingredients: Wheat starch (deglutinated) EU origin, rice flour, rice starch, dietary fiber (psyllium, potato), thickener (E464), humectant (E420).

Diet: ✔ Gluten Free ✔ Non GMO ✔ Kosher

Molino gluten free premium wheat based flour is made from a wheat base with the gluten allergen removed.  

Produced in Italy, a high quality flour blend that is made from a majority of wheat for great taste.

Simple ingredients, rich with plentiful nutrients, in addition to all the health benefits of incorporated wheat. Baking is easy with Molino. The 1:1 ratio is precisely the same as regular flour. No need for complicated measurement adjustments. Molino Flour can be used for breads, pizza crusts, filo doughs, cakes, cookies and more!

Customers say their recipes have never tasted better after using Molino Flour as a replacement for their current gluten-free flour blend

Gluten Free Certification: Our Molino Flour is certified in Europe by the CSQA as well as by DFS. When the flour arrives in the United States we test every shipment using ELISA Technologies to ensure that our flour is gluten-free.