Ancient Harvest Quinoa, Organic Flakes, (12 Pack)


Size: 12 Oz

Brand: Ancient Harvest

SKU: ah2004

Kosher: Star K

Ingredients: non-gmo organic quinoa

Diet: ✔ Gluten Free ✔ Kosher ✔ Non GMO ✔ Organic

Swap out your oats for a little “quin-whoa”. Our quinoa flakes cook up fast like oatmeal, blend into recipes, and are a complete protein. Turns out, nothing takes on a new day quite like an ancient grain.
Quinoa Flakes can be used for a nutritious hot breakfast cereal, pancakes or waffles, coating for cooking fish or chicken, baking muffins or cookies. All with the benefits of the hottest grain on the market - quinoa. Kosher. Fuel your day with a hearty, nutritious breakfast that’s ready in minutes by heating up our Organic Quinoa Flakes.