Baum's Shehakol Bread


Case Pack: 3-Pack

Size: 16 Oz.

Brand: Baum's Gluten Free

SKU: B1003-3

Kosher: OU and R' Y. Babad

Ingredients: Gluten Free Flour, Filtered Water, Fresh Eggs, Xanthan gum, Yeast, Honey, Gluten Free Oat Flour, Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Emulsifier

Diet: ✔ Gluten Free ✔ Kosher ✔ Dairy Free

Looking for that perfect gluten free bread or cake? Try Baum's....Baum's Gluten-Free Bakery is a family owned business established in 2009 when two family members were diagnosed with gluten-sensitivity. Its mission was to make foods that were not only gluten-free but great tasting as well.

Back in 2009, the Baum's were challenged to find high quality, freshly baked gluten-free goods to meet their needs and suit their tastes. With a background in high-end catering they began experimenting with different blends of gluten-free flours to come up with products that would meet the highest standards that everyone could enjoy. They pursued this goal very seriously and with God's help finally got it right!

Baum's innovative gluten-free products have ignited a worldwide revolution. Thanks in part to its focus on providing the best quality, freshest baked products the demand for more baked goods continues to grow. The owners produce an array of an irresistible blends of gluten-free breads, delicious zero-carb coconut crackers and other outstanding baked goods, but the specialty of the house is the best-ever tasting gluten-free oat challah!

Gluten-free diets have gained popularity, even among people who don't have celiac disease and wheat allergies. The bakery is devoted exclusively to gluten-free products. Baum's Gluten-Free Bakery carries a full line breads, rolls, pizza, cookies. Try any of the delicious Baum's products any be hooked!!