Cultures for Health Buttermilk Starter Culture



Brand: Cultures For Health

SKU: cfh7522


Ingredients: organic milk, live active cultures

Diet: ✔ Gluten Free ✔ Non GMO

Cultures for Health Buttermilk Starter Culture - This heirloom culture makes batch after batch of traditional cultured buttermilk right on your countertop, easy as pouring milk in a jar. Bake with your buttermilk or add it to cream to make cultured butter.

Our heirloom-variety buttermilk starter creates a traditional cultured buttermilk that is rich in nutrients. Homemade buttermilk can be used for baking, drinking or can be added to cream for making cultured butter and is delicious in a variety of recipes.
Each box contains 2 packets of starter culture.
Activate 1 packet using 1 quart pasteurized milk (store 2nd packet in the freezer as a back-up).
Cultures on the countertop at 70 -77 degrees F, no appliance required.
Culture may be used to make raw milk buttermilk, with special care.
Avoid using ultra-pasteurized or UHT milk.
Reusable culture: a small amount of each batch can be used to make the next batch and recultures from batch to batch indefinitely.
Instructions for making cultured buttermilk are included.

Allergen Information: Gluten Free, Non GMO. Manufactured in a facility that also produces products containing gluten and dairy.

Shipping and Storage Information: Our Cultured Buttermilk Starter is shipped in a barrier-sealed packet as a freeze-dried culture. Refrigeration recommended. Use by the date on the box.