Hot Sauce Gift Set

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Size: 7 bottles- 3 oz. each

Brand: Maud Borup

SKU: MPsauceset



Diet: ✔ Gluten Free ✔ Vegan ✔ No MSG

HOW HOT IS HOT? Take the challenge with this amazing hot sauce set that answers the question - how hot is hot? Featuring a variety of spicy flavors and levels, you can experience all levels of heat with this hot sauce kit. Hot sauce gift set includes 7 levels of 3oz. sauce bottles chock full of flavor and heat, ranging from levels 1-7. Kick up the heat and enjoy the taste and fun

Why stay at just 1 flavor when you can try ‘em all? Flavors start with mild chipotle, cayenne, sriracha and then go up in level to jalapeno, green chili, and habanero. Complete the challenge with the specialty ghost pepper flavor- Now that’s a true hot sauce master!

Always the perfect gift for those hot sauce lovers. Delight in the knowledge that there is something for everyone among the variety of sauce flavors. Get ready for fun, laughter and lots of surprises- for the taste testers and audience involved. Gifting made easy- Beautiful window gift box that says it all.