Klein's Naturals Naturally Dried Apricots


Case Pack: 2 Pack
2 Pack
6 Pack

Size: 7 Ounce Pouch

Brand: Klein's Naturals

SKU: kleins31940

Kosher: CRC, Circle K

Ingredients: Apricots, Sugar, Sulfur Dioxide (a preservative)

Diet: ✔ Gluten Free

DRIED FRUITS IN A RESEALABLE POUCH- Klein's Naturals dried fruit snacks are conveniently packaged in a reseable pouch to ensure lasting freshness and flavor. Dried apricots with no sugar added are packaged in just the right size bag to carry with you wherever you go! Store a pouch in your handbag, car compartment or luggage for a healthy and nutritious on-the-go energy boost. Includes 2 Packs of Klein's Naturals Dried Apricot. (14 Oz. Total)

A NATURALLY HEALTHY SNACK FOR ADULTS AND KIDS - Dried apricots contain high levels of nutrients. They have calcium, which strengthens your bones and preserves nerve function and also include magnesium. Dried apricots are also rich in vitamin A adn are cholesterol free, making it the perfect snack for those watching their cholesterol levels.
LOWEST CALORIE COUNT FRUIT SLICES - Compared to most leading brands, our snack has as little as 70 calories per serving! So if you're counting calories, Klein's Naturals dehydrated fruit is the way to go! Use in muesli, bread, stuffing and salad. Treat your kids at the next holiday or birthday party with these delicious desserts.
GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN-FRIENDLY, KOSHER CERTIFIED DRIED FRUIT - Our carefully supervised manufacturing process ensures that we provide you with the highest quality dried apricots. Makes the perfect peeled snack for people following a gluten free diet, or anyone who wishes to add healthy eating habits to their daily eating routine. Kosher certified by CRC and OK.
''YOU LOVE FRUIT'' GIFT IDEA - Do you have an acquaintance or relative that follows a gluten free diet and want to delight them with a treat they'll enjoy? Dried apricot is the perfect option! Send as a get-well gesture, hostess thanks, or birthday party treat.

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