General Nature Wonder Noodles - SPAGHETTI


Size: 2 Pack
2 Pack
5 Pack

Size: 14 Oz Bag

Brand: General Nature

SKU: gnwn0068

Kosher: CRC, OU

Ingredients: Water, Organic Konjac Flour, Organic Oat Powder, Calcium Hydroxide

Diet: ✔ Gluten Free ✔ Dairy Free ✔ Soy Free ✔ Kosher ✔ Vegan

New product on the market! General Nature is proud to introduce Wonder Noodles - a zero-calorie, zero-carb, allergy-free and vegan friendly pasta! This ready-to-eat gluten free pasta food is great for those following a paleo, keto, vegan and/or celiac diet. Forget about those rubbery, foul-tasting, bland pasta substitutes - Wonder Noodles is chock-full of flavor and texture that is very similar to regular pasta!

Enjoy a bowl guilt-free! Wonder Noodles pasta is ready to eat - simply rinse under cold water for one minute, or microwave in a heat-proof bowl for 2 minutes. Add your favorite sauce and/or pasta toppings and enjoy!

Each 14 ounce ziploc bag includes two 7 ounce packs. 

Our range of Spaghetti, Fettuccine and rice are healthy, tasty and easy to prepare. Make your life better with General Nature Wonder Noodles. Choose your pasta shape from the options listed.